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According to data from Harvard University and Brown University, almost 30% of small businesses in the United States closed in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Post-Pandemic Workforce Trends could lead to liability. Though retail and restaurants have been hit particularly hard by the lack of employees this year, technology, insurance, healthcare and other skilled-worker sectors are also struggling to find qualified employees.

Managing multifamily housing risks is a joint effort these days. Managing even a small multifamily residential building can expose you to significant risk. As a property manager, you may be required to screen tenants, establish appropriate rental rates, collect payments, monitor expenses, handle leases, and resolve both property owner and renter complaints, among other duties.

Your business isn’t just your passion—it’s your everything. You work hard every day for it and at the end of the day when everyone else clocks out and goes home, it comes home with you. 


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