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When it comes to getting business insurance, what makes the insurance professionals at V.F. McNeil Insurance uniquely qualified to serve their clients who are business owners in Connecticut? It’s not just their unwavering commitment to service or their extensive product and industry knowledge, or that they serve in a way that holds true to tradition but also embraces changes. Nor is it limited to the simple fact that its team believes in treating others the way they would expect to be treated.

Special Blend of Insurance Professionals
The truth is, this local, Trusted Choice® independent insurance agency has a special blend of insurance professionals that consists of some staff members who either own a business, are involved in a family business, have inside knowledge of a family business, or have been involved in business start-up.

Having actual insight into running a business is truly one of the key factors that makes their team uniquely qualified to understand and relate to the needs of a business owner.
Experiencing the nuts and bolts of how a business operates, the changes and challenges a business faces, the risks a business faces, and ultimately the understanding of how a business should be protected, positions their staff members as strong advocates to the agency’s clients.

Collectively as a team, this is something that V.F. McNeil Insurance is very fortunate to have when it comes to serving the business insurance needs of business owners in Connecticut.

A Spotlight on One Specific Insurance Professional
Today the agency is taking this time to highlight one of those staff members whose family business recently navigated a major renovation. At the end of this renovation, this staff member and family finally got the opportunity to celebrate the impressive milestone of being in business for 100 years!

Congratulations to Sal D'Angelo, AAI and to the entire family of Libby's Italian Pastry Shop for reaching 100 years in business and for being selected by the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce as an honoree of the 2023 Corporate Heritage Award!!

As a 137-year-old business, founded by Virgil F. McNeil, the team at V.F. McNeil Insurance fully understands that this kind of milestone is only accomplished by years of hard work and by serving your customers and your community with honesty, integrity, quality, and passion.

D’Angelo has been an insurance agent at V.F. McNeil Insurance since 2014, and during his time has been a great benefit to the agency and the clients he serves. His first-hand knowledge of operating a business in Connecticut, coupled with his professional training and experience in the insurance industry, makes him a strong partner in protection to his business insurance clients. D’Angelo is a valuable member of the team at V.F. McNeil!

A Remarkable Coincidence?
Is it no coincidence that D’Angelo, great-grandson to Liberato Dell'Amura, the founder of Libby’s, joined the team at V.F. McNeil Insurance over nine years ago?
When you really think about it, both businesses started in New Haven, Connecticut, only minutes from each other. V.F. McNeil was owned and operated by Virgil F. McNeil, who was also known as one of the most prominent figures of general insurance lines in the area, until 1925.

It’s highly possible that Virgil could have been one of Libby’s first customers when they opened in 1922. Could he and Liberato have been acquainted as fellow, local business owners?  If so, we wonder if Virgil visited for conversation with Liberato and to enjoy some of Libby's famous Italian ice, which originally was either lemon or cherry. Or possibly he favored a cappuccino and one of Libby’s delicious cannoli? What do you think? Either way, he couldn’t go wrong!


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